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Spock's Beard : VCD: Progfest 1997
Date: 1997-05-24 Venue: Variety Arts Centre - Los Angeles, Ca (USA)

Source: Pro/VHS Quality: VG/Ex Label:

Media: 2 cdr (video)

VCD is outdated videoformat. Appears to be the master footage of the Spock's Beard show at Progfest '97, of which only one song is featured on the official compilation video.

VCD1 - 63:13 ; VCD 2 - 21:xx
1-1. Beware of Darkness
1-2. Happy Birthday to Ryo
1-3. Walking on the Wind
1-4. Go the Way You Go
1-5. Thoughts
1-6. June
1-7. In the Mouth of Madness
1-8. The Doorway
2-1. The Light