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Transatlantic : New York 2010 (2x)
Date: 2010-04-23 (2x) Venue: Blender Theater - New York City, NY (USA)

Source: Aud/MD/DAR Quality: Ex Label: NYCSteve & Relayer35

Media: 3 cdr (audio)

Two excellent recordings of same show. One recorded with Sony MZ-NH1 Minidisc (Relayer35) and the other with Edirol R-09HR (NYCSteve). The latter slightly better sound quality.

Disc One
1. Overture/Whirlwind
2. The Wind Blew Them All Away
3. On The Prowl
4. A Man Can Feel
5. Out Of The Night
6. Rose Colored Glasses
7. Evermore
8. Set Us Free
9. Lay Down Your Life
10. Pieces Of Heaven
11. Is It Really Happening

Disc Two 12. Dancing With Eternal Glory/Whirlwind (reprise)
13. All Of The Above
14. We All Need Some Light
15. Duel With The Devil

Disc Three
16. Bridge Across Forever
17. Stranger In Your Soul