Bootleg details for:
Genesis : Lausanne '73 (fake?)
Date: 1973-09-29 Venue: Halle des Fetes Beaujoire - Lausanne (Swi)

Source: Aud/tape Quality: P Label: tape to cd transfer

Media: 1 cdr (audio)

Track 1 is inaudible because of static noise, drop-outs, skips, spikes, cuts, you name it and it's there. Parts of track 2 are clear. There is some static noise in the rest of the tracks. A bit slow. This show isn't Lausanne. Don't know what it is. Peter talks (when you can hear him) in French.

CD - 75:43
1. Watcher Of The Skies 9:39
2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight 9:25
3. The Cinema Show 13:12
4. The Battle Of Epping Forest 12:37
5. The Musical Box 13:49
6. I Know What I Like 6:40
7. Firth Of Fifth 10:21