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Genesis : Dave And Steph ... Your First Supper's Ready
Date: 1973-10-09 Venue: Apollo Theatre - Glasgow (Sco)

Source: Aud/tape Quality: G Label: Tape (master) to cd transfer

Media: 2 cdr (audio)

A Hobbit Group Release 2008 celebrating 35 years since the first Genesis Concert attended by Dave Walker(langemozo) and Stephen Miller (neilston 42)

This is a fresh transfer from a C120 tape. It includes the apology By Peter Gabriel after the band kept 3000 Scots waiting after Ron Geeson played a set before then telling them that an electrical fault was preventing them from playing and that the gig was being rescheduled the following tuesday... Both of these gigs I attended and whilst talking to My very Good friend Steph in the meeks chatroom a couple of years back discovered it was also HIS first Genesis Gig..

so Tonight 35 years ago we saw the GREATEST Band in the world in the GREATEST line a tender age of 14 ...and continue to collect and travel its been a long long time hasnt it...

Also contains full version of the Musical Box

Total Running Time : 1:41:40
1.1 Peter's Apology (05-Oct-73) 01:23
1.2 Audience 02:13
1.3 Watcher Of The Skies 08:26
1.4 Cinema Show 10:26
1.5 I Know What I Like 05:43
1.6 Firth Of Fifth 09:02
1.7 The Musical Box 10:59
1.8 More Fool Me 04:22
2.1 Supper's Ready 24:36
2.2 The Battle Of Epping Forest 11:50
2.3 Audience 02:33
2.4 The Knife 09:28
2.5 Audience 00:39