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The Flower Kings : Paris 2007
Date: 2007-11-25 Venue: La Locomotive - Paris (Fr)

Source: Aud/MD Quality: VG/Ex Label: ???

Media: 2 cdr (audio)

This was a great performance, marred only by the adjacent, insanely loud disco, which you can hear pumping away between songs and during the quieter sections.
Not a big audience unfortunately, but an enthusiastic one ! Mastelotto by now is fitting in very well indeed, which is probably why Roine felt entitled to throw in a humoristic quote of the "Red" riff during the improv section of "The Sum Of No Reason", to much laughter from the King Crimson drummer.

Roine Stolt - lead guitar & vocals
Hasse Fröberg - vocals & rhythm guitar
Tomas Bodin - keyboards
Jonas Reingold - bass, bass pedals & backing vocals
Pat Mastelotto - drums & percussion

1. Love Is The Only Answer (27:34)
2. There Is More To This World (11:17)
3. Retropolis (13:32)
4. Trading My Soul (7:41)
5. I Am The Sun (12:21)

1. Life In Motion (13:25)
2. Flight 999 Brimstone Air (4:58)
3. Babylon (3:49)
4. Hudson River Siren's Call (9:21)
5. Stardust We Are (Excerpt) (4:42)
6. What If God Is Alone (8:48)
7. The Sum Of No Reason (17:16)
8. The Blade Of Cain (5:52)