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The Flower Kings : Finding Sanctuary in NYC
Date: 2002-04-14 Venue: Bottomline - New York City (NY) (USA)

Source: Aud/MD Quality: VG/Ex Label:

Media: 1 cdr (audio)

Early show only. The 'Late Show' (second half of normal show) was released as The Flower Kings FIRST OFFICIAL BOOTLEG, which is a superb sounding matrix mix of soundboard and audience recording. It has one of the best versions of Garden of Dreams ever recorded!

CD - 66:56
1 - Spoken Intro 0:33
2 - Church Of Your Heart 10:34
3 - Road To Sanctuary 15:38
4 - Retropolis /Bass Solo/ More To This World 13:35
5 - Stardust We Are (Pts 1, 2, 3 Inc Un Homme et Une Femme) 26:36