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Jean Michel Jarre : DVD: Twelve Dreams of the Sun
Date: 1999-12-31 Venue: Pyramids of Gizeh - Ca´ro (Egy)

Source: TV/VHS Quality: G/VG Label:

Media: 1 dvdr (video)

Medium gen. vhs to dvd transfer.

Total time: 155 min.
the legend
je me souviens
dream one: the rock
miss moon
oxygene 2
dream two: the house
chronologie 6
dream three: the tree
equinoxe 7
magnetic fields 2
dream four: the boat
millions of stars
dream five: the flesh
souvenir of china
oxygene 10
dream six: the voice
umm kulthum
dream seven: the sky
hey gagarin
gloria lonely boy
millenium countdown
c`est la vie
salma ya salama
dream nine: the bell
equinoxe 4
dream ten: the snow
oxygene 4
tout est bleu
dream eleven: the blood
oxygene 12 dream twelve: the gate
give me a sign
oxygene 8
band in the rain
rendez-vous 2
sunrise concert 5.30h-6.30h :
oxygene 7
c`est la vie
the sun
hey gagarin