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Neal Morse : Tilburg 2003
Date: 2003-11-17 Venue: 013 - Tilburg (Ned)

Source: Aud/MD Quality: VG/Ex Label:

Media: 2 cdr (audio)

Band sound was FAR too loud. Despite that, a pretty good recording.

CD1 - 74:30 ; CD2 - 60:28 ; CD3 - 55:02
The Land of Beginning Again
Overture No. 1
California Nights
Colder in the Sun
Sleeping Jesus
The Prince of the Power of the Air
The Promise
Wasted Life
Overture No. 2
Break of Day
Power in the Air
Somber Days
Long Story
It's All I Can Do
Ready to Try
Sing It High
Moving In My Heart
I Am Willing
In the Middle
The Storm Before the Calm
Oh, to Feel Him
God's Theme
Overture No. 3
Oh Lord My God
God's Theme 2
The Land of Beginning Again
We All Need Some Light
The Light
Encore 2:
Stranger in Your Soul