Queen bootlegs

Queen bootlegs


A band that needs no introduction. We are fans. Click on a date for details:

Artist Date Venue – city (country) Title Source
Queen 1973-09-13 Golders Green Hippodrome – London (Eng) Master of the Sheetkeeckers FMRadio
Queen 1973-11-20 New Theatre – Oxford (Eng) Supporting Mott the Hoople Aud/tape
Queen 1974-11-20 Rainbow Theatre – London (Eng) In the Lap of the Gods TV/VHS
Queen 1975-03-29 Civic Auditorium – Santa Monica, Ca (USA) The Royal American Tour Aud/tape
Queen 1975-04-19 Budokan Hall – Tokyo (Jap) Live – a Beautiful Album Aud/tape
Queen 1975-11-26 Free Trade Hall – Manchester (Eng) Manchester ’75 Aud/tape
Queen 1975-12-24 Hammersmith Odeon – London (Eng) Live in London 1975 + Rarities SBD/Aud
Queen 1976-03-29 Koseinenkin Hall – Osaka (Jap) Zoom Aud/tape
Queen 1976-03-31 Budokan Hall – Tokyo (Jap) Royal Opera Comes to Japan Aud/tape
Queen 1976-04-19 Budokan Hall – Tokyo (Jap) Invite You to a Night at the Budokan Aud/tape
Queen 1976-09-18 Hyde Park – London (Eng) Hyde Park ’76 SBD
Queen 1977-05-12 Bröndby Hall – Copenhagen (Den) Invite You to a Night at the Warehouse Aud/tape
Queen 1977-06-06 Earl’s Court – London (Eng) A Night at the Court SBD
Queen 1978-12-01 The Forum – Montreal (Can) Live in Montreal Aud/tape
Queen 1979-02-01 House of Sports – Cologne (Ger) Live in Cologne SBD
Queen 1979-12-26 Hammersmith Odeon – London (Eng) The Complete Kampuchea Concert Aud/tape
Queen 1980-09-10 Mecca Arena – Milwaukee, WI (USA) All Your Love tonight Aud/tape
Queen 1980-12-08 Wembley Arena – London (Eng) Standing On The Arena Aud/tape
Queen 1981-03-08 Estadio José Amalfitani de Velez Sarsfield – Buenos Aires (Arg) Football Game TV/VHS
Queen 1981-03-08 Estadio José Amalfitani de Velez Sarsfield – Buenos Aires (Arg) My Favourite Dance Tracks TV/VHS
Queen 1981-03-20 Morumbi Stadium – Sao Paulo (Bra) Let Sao Paulo Entertain You SBD
Queen 1981-11-24 The Forum – Montreal (Can) Absolutely Enthusiastic Radio
Queen 1982-10-26 Kokusai Tenjijo – Nagoya (Jap) Action and More Action Aud/DAT
Queen 1984-08-31 NEC Arena – Birmingham (Eng) Birmingham ’84 Aud/tape
Queen 1984-09-14 Sportspalace – Milano (Ita) Let Me Show In Aud/tape
Queen 1984-09-20 Groenoordhallen – Leiden (Ned) Leiden ’84 Aud/tape
Queen 1984-09-21 Forest (Vorst) National – Brussels (Belgium) King’s Favourite Aud/tape
Queen 1985-05-11 Yoyogi Swimming Pool Auditorium – Tokyo (Jap) Queen Live in Tokyo SBD
Queen 1985-06-05 Milton Keynes – Milton Keynes (Eng) Milton Keynes FMRadio
Queen 1986-06-07 Råsunda Fotbollstadium – Stockholm (Swe) The Beginning of the End Aud/tape
Queen 1986-06-21 Maimarktgelände – Mannheim (Ger) Queen Reigns the World SBD
Queen 1986-06-26 Waldbühne – Berlin (Ger) Immigrant Magic Aud/tape


Artist Date Venue – city (country) Title Source
Genesis, Queen, Clapton, Pink Floyd 1993-09-18 Cowdray Ruins – Midhurst (Eng) Cowdray Ruins Concert Aud/tape
Freddie Mercury 1995 Musicland Studios – Munich (Ger) Mr. Bad Guy (Special edition) SBD
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