Once upon a time… we collected bootlegs

Once upon a time… we collected bootlegs

Halley and Peter in Rotterdam

there’s nothing more to buy from the shops. So yes: we do have thousands of honestly bought cds as well.

NB: people looking for trades: sorry, but we have no time for that at the moment! We might not even answer your e-mails.

By bands like Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes, Camel, Flower Kings and so on – bootleg recordings  of the best progressive rockbands around. And several other greatnesses like Queen and Eric Clapton. It was that kind of music which brought us together and that we still like to listen to.

In the early years of the interwebs we created a website. It made our collection grow like mad (on steroids). Best part of it was gathered by sending and receiving discs through old fashioned mail. We still hold thousands of discs in boxes. Slowly digitising them one by one, to keep them backed up on handy portable drives instead of in a room full of big plastic boxes.

The hobby gave us many great friends all over the world as a side effect. However, high-speed internet and bittorrent changed the bootleg landscape. Collecting and trading became a less personal affair.
As we grew older, other things started to ask our attention. Health, old parents and work. So the oldfashioned swapping of bootlegs disappeared from our lives.
The old website – no longer maintained since about 2009 – was really looking antique. It was time to bury it. And do things the WordPress way. Now and then Peter might even write a blog about this or that…

Where bootlegs were not added to the database yet, we copied the tables from the old site. So things might look ‘funny’ here and there.

And for those wondering about bootlegs: bootlegs are often crappy sounding recordings, made by someone in the audience. Very rarely they approach a professional hi-fi sound quality. Anyway, you’ll start collecting them when

We hope you enjoy!